Facts About Dental Implants

Dental Implants

There have been many advances in dentistry which have been made within the past decade and have led to incredible technological improvements.  Dental implants have been the best treatment option for those, who want to replace their lost or missing teeth.  In our society today, there’s quite a lot of poorly written research that is being introduced in dental literature that is providing false claims for enhanced dental achievement rates.

Once somebody is getting treatment, there are some facts and myths that they should understand before they continue with the process.

Not All Doctors Have Surgical Training on Humans to Put in Dental Implants

There are a few manufacturers that put in place educational seminars for physicians in which they teach them how to place dental implants inside a single weekend.  Within two days doctors receive a certificate that says that they have received surgical training in dentistry and can place dental implants.  In this course, they don’t practice on humans but rather on plastic jawbones.  This doesn’t teach them to practice on people and therefore, the doctors aren’t actually trained.  But, there are certified physicians, who have the proper surgical training to place implants, so you need to be on the lookout for a well-trained and experienced dentist.

Implants with False Claims and Expired Patents

There are many implant manufacturers that copy their competitor’s implants and then claim that they have created something new.  They will develop a new design which has a few new features that are different and for this it may gain improved success rates.  Many implant manufacturers do this so that they can keep their clients and don’t have to worry about them purchasing other implant systems which may be expensive.  There are sometimes when patents expire and aren’t suitable for human use.

What the manufacturers do, is that they duplicate the plan and make some small changes here and there.  These types of implants can be referred to as clones and are sold to dentists at a reduced cost.  The low purchasing cost allows many dentists to offer cheaper service than others.  So, the moral is to avoid choosing a cheap implant and pay for a good quality dental implant that is reasonably priced.

Several Types of Dental Implants, But Not Necessarily Good

There are approximately 90 dental implant manufacturers in competition for market share just within the United States.  There are also more than 340 different implant designs which are available for sale.  This number has constantly been growing and within a few years, there’ll be so many designs that the dentists will not have the ability to discern which type of implant has been put into place.  There are certain times when elements of the implants don’t work and provide the individual problems while chewing food and prove to be quite painful.  So, before getting an implant, inquire about its quality and find out how long it will last.

Prior to going to the dentist, you should be educated about the process, so that you can avoid having problems with the implant in the future.  What you have to do is collect knowledge about the process and take strict precautions before getting any implant completed, so that you can always be on the safe side.


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