Pepper Sprays for Women

pepper sprays for women

For many years there has been a discussion about the legal possession of weapons for self-defence. This controversial topic is much more likely to divide than to unite. Both opponents and supporters of the idea most often refer to the case of the United States, where virtually everyone can get weapons. These include pepper sprays. Small in size, but effective.

Pepper sprays

Some of the supporters of universal access to weapons say that being able to carry legal self-defence weapons with them could reduce the number of attacks on women. Criminals would simply feel less confident. In Europe, it is difficult to obtain weapons for personal protection because the applicant must prove, among other things, that he or she is in a constant threat to his or her health and life. There is no question of carrying firearms with them “just in case”, which is why women are looking for an alternative, legal accessories for self-defence, overpowering the biggest opponents in a humane way.

Do I need a permit for a pepper sprays?

Pepper sprays are completely legal self-protection tools that you can buy on presentation of your identity card – although the regulations do not specify that pepper sprays are only available to adults.

They are not listed as weapons in the Weapons and Ammunition Act and therefore no provisions restricting their availability or imposing penalties for possession of these substances apply to them. This is due to the fact that pepper spray serves exclusively for self-defence and are characterised by a relatively high level of safety – not only for the assault victim but also for the assailant himself.

How does a pepper spray work?

Pepper sprays are irritant substances produced from pepper plant extract. Their most important ingredient is OC (Oleoresin Capsicum). This substance, capsaicin, in contact with the attacker’s body – skin or mucous membranes – causes a transient allergic reaction that manifests itself in :

  • strong burning sensations
  • problems with breathing
  • Tears in your eyes.

In short: a complete disorientation of the aggressor, who can’t open his eyes and is not able to continue the attack. His victim gains valuable time to escape and has a chance to call for help. So if you want to gift your significant other with a tool that she will be able to effectively use, pepper sprays for women are the best self-defense methods, because they don’t require them to “touch” the assailant.

Capsaicin is no stranger to you, even though you may not have heard of it before. Perhaps it is located…. in your kitchen. In cayenne pepper or spicy peppers that you add to Mexican dishes.

It is worth noting that people always react to pepper sprays in the same way, regardless of the threshold of pain. This means that even if the attacker is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it will not affect the strength of the gas.

The same principle also applies to aggressive animals, which significantly broadens the scope of application of the self-protection tool, although there are separate pepper sprays for dogs. Why? Animals are much more sensitive to capsaicin and even a reduced dose of capsaicin should deteriorate pets trying to attack.

Are women aware of their rights to self-defence?

In today’s reality, when in principle you can’t feel 100% safe anywhere (especially in the evenings and at night), the option of using a self-defence tool seems invaluable.

Unfortunately, not all women know how effective pepper sprays are and how easy it is to control them. They are afraid that the use of a pepper spray will only irritate the attacker or will be harmed by the ricochet. Who is to blame for the lack of public awareness of this issue?

Free self-defence courses, organized in many Polish cities, include learning about legal ways of necessary defense, but shouldn’t such elements be present during defensive adoption classes as part of school education, which in a way is supposed to prepare for adult life in society?

Pepper spray for women is easy to use and does not require much physical strength or fitness worthy of a professional athlete. Very importantly, it also does not cause permanent injury (or even more so death) to the attacker. As we have mentioned, some women may be in favour of access to firearms, while others would probably rush before being able to carry something with them that could potentially be difficult to injure or kill.

Pepper sprays completely alleviate these fears, and their presence within arm’s reach should not cause any remorse.

Types of pepper sprays

There are three types of pepper sprays: mist cone, stream and gel (foam). The difference is in the form of gas that will be released from your dispenser. In the case of a cone, the substance will disperse immediately, while the use of a jet or gel resembles shooting with a water gun.

These details are not without practical meaning. The cone will be useful for people without any experience because there is no need to worry about perfect targeting the aggressor’s face (the gas cloud should reach it anyway). The disadvantage of this solution is the susceptibility of the substance to weather conditions, especially to wind, rain or snow.

The opposite situation applies to a stream – here the weather conditions are of little importance, but the user of pepper spray should be more careful to direct the center towards the attacker’s face.

The third type of a pepper spray – the gel one – functions very much like a glue, with the difference that it adheres to every surface (and thus to the human body) in the form of the foam. This solution is definitely the most modern, it also allows for self-defense in closed rooms (due to the lack of a returning cloud). However, it requires a bit more experience and skills from users.

What does pepper spray look like?

Very friendly and inconspicuous, because pepper spray can be hidden even in a fountain pen, pendant, and at first glance, they can look like a lighter. Using pepper sprays can be compared to carrying a small aerosol deodorant. You pull it out of your pocket, hold it securely in your hand and press it by guiding the container in the right direction.

What are the differences between different pepper gases?

It’s not only the type of spraying but also:

Range: from approx. 2 to 6 m depending on the type of gas. The smallest range is provided by conical gases spraying the cloud in the air, and the largest – gel gases such as Night Guard Defender, which also has the additional function of blinding the enemy by means of a built-in LED diode in the container.

The number of shots to be fired from one container. Pepper sprays are not disposable. One pepper spray can be used up to twenty times (which, of course, we do not wish any woman). Under this assumption, the cost of several dollars for pepper spray is negligible for the protection of life and health.

Colouring with UV. A substance sprayed towards an opponent can colour their skin. The aggressor is marked, which makes it harder for him to move away from the place of attack without noticing it. The dye is not easy to wash off, it cannot be done by rubbing with an ordinary tissue.

Where to buy pepper sprays? 

The safest place to buy pepper sprays will include detective shops and arms sellers – their owners make every effort to ensure that their products guarantee the highest quality and come from trusted manufacturers.

In smaller towns, this kind of points may be missing, of course, and then it is worth to use the offer of online shops, which also allow discreet shipping for their customers.

Under no circumstances should you buy pepper sprays from accidental distributors – in this case, you have no assurance that the purchased substance will actually work in an emergency situation.

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