Why is My Hot Tub Water Cloudy?

Tub Water Cloudy

Cloudy water is one of the biggest concerns for many hot tub owners. With so many different reasons for cloudy hot tub water, it can be hard to know just what is causing the problem. Additionally, it can be hard to prevent cloudy water if you don’t know what is causing it. We have a little advice for what the cause of cloudy water could be, however.

1.      Product Accumulation

To be clean and smell nice, humans use a lot of different products. These products can come off of the body when in the hot tub and float around in the water. Unless every person who gets in your hot tub showers beforehand, it is likely that your hot tub will start to accumulate a lot of different products like soap, lotion, makeup, and hair products. When these products start to accumulate, the water can start to appear murky, gunky, and cloudy.

2.      Biofilm Build-Up

Bacteria thrive in the environment that hot tubs create. This means that bacteria can live and grow throughout the pipes and fittings of your hot tub. The internal pieces of the hot tub can be difficult to clean, so biofilm builds up and begins to make your water look cloudy.

Biofilm is very likely to accumulate if you haven’t run your spa in an extended period of time. If that is the case, it is very important to sanitize and shock the water before you get back inside the hot tub. Additionally, it is a very good idea to run a biofilm treatment through the internal system to kill all of the bacteria that is living inside the internal system of the hot tub.

3.      Hard Water

Unfortunately, hard water can make spa water cloudy, and it is very hard to combat without using chemicals to treat the water. Hard water is caused by excess calcium in the water, and this excess calcium has a huge effect on how the water looks. You can test the water to see if calcium hardness is the problem. If it is, you can balance your water’s pH and alkalinity levels with chemical balancers. By properly balancing the water, you should eliminate and prevent both scaling and cloudiness in your hot tub’s water.

4.      Lack of Sanitizer

Sanitizers are required to keep the water in a hot tub safe and clean due to bacteria’s ability to thrive in warm, moist conditions. The two main chemicals used to keep spa water clean are bromine and chlorine. Both chemicals keep bacteria, fungus, and other gunk from growing and breeding in your hot tub.

Without the proper amount of sanitizer in your hot tub, these contaminants can grow and cause a cloudy appearance to the water in the spa. Be sure that you are using the proper amount of sanitizer in your hot tub to keep all users safe.

5.      Filter Issues

A dirty or misaligned filter could be the cause of cloudy spa water. If dirty water is circulating through your hot tub, your water could look cloudy and murky. The first thing you should do is make sure that your filter is positioned properly in your hot tub. If it isn’t, get it put on properly and see if that helps.

A dirty spa filter will need to either be cleaned or replaced. Remember that these filters need to be cleaned frequently to withstand the dirt, debris, and bacteria that enter your hot tub. Depending on how often you use your hot tub, filters should be cleaned every few weeks and replaced every 12 to 24 months.

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