BathMate by HydroMax: Does It Really Increase Penis Size?


Every guy wants to be huge, even when their penis size can be considered as average. And even though most women claim they are comfortable with their partner’s sizes, a good majority of men still feel unsatisfied with their size.

This is absolutely understandable. Every man wants to be an alpha male, and to them, their manhood size greatly affects their masculinity.
As you well know, there are numerous penis enlargement methods that men looking to elongate their penis length and girth use. One of these methods is the use of penis enlargement pumps.
If you’re looking to grow your penis, you might want to check out BathMate Hydromax. So let’s read the full BathMate review.

What Is BathMate HydroMax and How Does It Work?

Well, BathMate HydroMax refers to a wide range of penis enlargement products. The BathMate HydroMax series is the new improved version of the previous Hercules and Goliath series.
The BathMate HydroMax is a water-based penis enlargement pump that allows you to add more inches to your penis. According to the manufacturer, continued use of BathMate HydroMax Hydropump will make your penis much bigger, longer, and harder than it was before.
The Hydromax series is said to be 35% more powerful than the original BathMate series, which is why it’s one of the best-selling penis enlargement hydro pumps in the market.
If you’ve had an experience with the previous HydroMax version, then you perfectly understand the effectiveness of these penis pumps. The new HydroMax series delivers an even better performance. The new comfort pad in these pumps is another feature worth getting all excited about using the pump.
Currently, there are three versions of available under the BathMat HydroMax series. They include:
HydroMax X20: The HydroMax X20 is specifically designed to work for guys with at least 5.5” penile length. It’s one of the best performing hydro pumps that can help increase the length of your penis up to 7.5” and 5.5” of the penis girth.
HydroMax X30: The HydroMax X30 has a similar size to the Hercules model, but the manufacturer claims it allows it to suction more, as much as 30% compared to other models. It works perfectly for those with 6” penile length or less.
HydroMax X40: The HydroMax X40 model is one of the most popular hydropumps on the market. It’s also a best-seller. This one is designed for guys with 7” to 10” penile length. It’s also designed to accommodate those with a maximum penis girth of 7.9”.
There is also the HydroMax Extreme which comes in the series Xtreme XX30, Xtreme XX40, and Extreme XX50. The extreme model is designed for men with penile length ranging from 9”-11”.
BathMate HydroMax penis enlargement pump works by creating a vacuum around the penis. As the fluid becomes pumped out of the cylinder surrounding the penis, the vacuum increases. The pressure is powerful enough to draw blood into the erectile chambers, thereby lengthening the penis to its maximum capacity.
One of the main factors that contribute to the lengthening of the penis is the elasticity of the penile tissues. Penile tissues are quite elastic and when pressure is exerted on them, there is naturally a good room for expansion.
A number of medical journals actually support the theory of penis elongation by pressure or traction, so you can be sure that the BathMate HydroMax male enhancement device will work for you.
Regular, continued use of the Bath Mate HydroMax penis extender will:
• Increase your penis length and girth- can increase your length by 1-3 inches, giving you the length you have always desired
• Enlarge your penis head
• Straighten any curves your penis may be having
• Help with erectile dysfunction problems such as an inability to achieve or sustain an erection
• Increase your penile length and girth safely, unlike some other crude penis enlargement methods
• Increases flaccid girth
• Help you achieve stronger, more powerful erections
• Increase your sex drive, boost libido and stamina
• Help you increase your penile length after a fairly short period of time
• The results are permanent, unlike some penis enlargement methods that provide temporary results
• Improve your confidence and self-esteem- you will feel like a man again
• Aid in Peyronie’s disease
• Make your orgasms frequent and more pleasurable in a single lovemaking session

BathMate HydroMax Side Effects

BathMate Hydro Max penis pump is designed to naturally enhance your penis length by applying pressure to the penile tissue. It’s typically a safe method, unlike other penile enlargement methods like surgery or weights.
What’s important is choosing a pump that is not too small or too big. It should just fit nicely. If you use a smaller pump, you may end up having a bruised, swollen, and sore penis.
The quality of the penis increasing pump is another crucial factor. Luckily, the BathMate HydroMax is made with premium quality materials and with the highest standards. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about when using it.

How to Use BathMate Penis Enlargement Pumps

Using BathMate HydroMax penis enlargement devices is quite easy and hassle-free.
• While bathing or showering, fill the pump’s tube with some warm water. Then, gently insert your flaccid penis inside the cylinder of the pump. Some men have reported getting positive results inserting a fully erect penis on the pump.
• To make an initial seal, gently pull the hydro pump to your body and release it. Upon release, some water inside the pump will be expelled from the pump through its release bulb.
• Now that the pump is completely sealed, you can start pumping. The remaining vacuum will exert a lot of pressure to your penile tissue, causing them to elongate. The result is, of course, a longer penis.
• When the bulb runs out of the water, this is an indication that you’re at the maximum pressure level. Hold that position for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, hold down the pump’s release valve and then slowly release your penis.
• Repeat about 3 times. Do this daily for faster and maximum results.
As a beginner, you can start with a few sessions in the first few weeks and gradually increases as you get used to it.
The process is painless and a little bit enjoyable.

BathMate HydroMax Pump Pros and Cons


• Can help increase your penis length and girth
• Helps men achieve bigger and harder erections
• Increases the length of the flaccid penis
• Enlarged penile head
• Helps with erectile dysfunction
• Increased size means increased sexual satisfaction
• Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem
• Increases stamina and boosts sex drive
• Clinically-proven to aid in Peyronie’s disease
• The permanent increase in penis size
• Proven to work in many users
• Safe to use
• Increases penis size naturally


• Quite expensive
• Takes pretty long to show results

BathMate HydroMax: Video Reviews

Does Bath Mate HydroMax Pump Really Work?

You must be wondering whether the BathMate HydroMax penis pump does actually work. It’s normal to be a little bit skeptical considering all the false marketing gimmicks by some companies whose products don’t deliver the results as promised.
Well, Bath Mate HydroMax powerful penis enhancers do work. There are numerous studies published in self-reported journals that have confirmed that pressure and traction are some of the most effective penile elongation methods.
It might take some time to see actual results but it’s all worthwhile. You will even notice a temporary increase immediately. With regular, continued use, you can expect to gain from 1-3 inches.

Where to Buy BathMate HydroMax Hydro Pump

BathMate HydroMax hydro pump is available for sale online directly at the manufacturer’s official website:
Visit their website to know more about the purchase process and possible discounts.

BathMate HydroMax Hydro Pumps: Does It Really Work?

To sum up the Bath Mate review. Pressure and traction are said to be some of the best penis enlargement methods. The HydroMax penis pump helps your penis to naturally increase in penis size- no painful surgeries or crude elongation methods.
hydromax review
It might take a little more time to see the results but once it starts working, you will be extremely happy with the results. Furthermore, the results in penile increase are permanent so you can enjoy your lengthy male organ for a really long time.
If you’re unsatisfied with your penis, don’t you worry. Check out the BathMate HydroMax penis enlargement device and completely transform your sex life by naturally promoting penis growth and achieving great confidence. 
For prices and more information check out the official Bathmate Hydromax Website.

HydroMax BathMate Overall Rating













  • Provides immediate results and permanent size increase with repeated use
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Substantial increase in penis size, both girth and length
  • Uses water instead of air for added efficiency, safety and comfort
  • Only requires 15 minutes per session


  • Only available online
  • Must be used on a daily basis


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