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We all want to stay young because being young comes with lots of advantages. Unfortunately, we have no power to slow down our biological clocks, which makes aging inevitable. One of the biggest disadvantages of aging is that as your body ages, your body’s ability to produce somatropin or human growth hormone (HGH) begins to decrease.

When your HGH and testosterone levels decrease, your body’s ability to build muscle and burn fat is diminished. As a result, losing excess weight and building muscle mass becomes extremely hard. As a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiastic, having low levels of the human growth hormone can be detrimental to both your health and fitness goals.

You might think of using illegal steroids but what you should know is that these steroids come with dangerous side-effects. The best and probably the most effective solution would be to use the HyperGH 14X natural dietary formula. So let’s read the full review.

What is HyperGH 14X and How Does It Work?

Well, HyperGH 14X is a natural dietary supplement that boosts your body’s production of the human growth hormone. The supplement is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, one of the most reputable natural supplements manufacturers in the world.

hypergh14x-hgh-metabolism-booster-reviewsWhen stimulated, the human growth hormone triggers cell growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration, allowing your body to burn fat faster and build lean muscle mass. This is what makes HyperGH 14X HGH booster an effective, result-producing natural supplement.

The natural dietary supplement is made with natural ingredients which work together to help your body stimulate its own growth hormone. It’s available in two-pronged systems which include pills and an oral spray that you’re required to use every single day.

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to take the fitness nutrition. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and you will be fine.

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HyperGH 14X Ingredients

The HyperGH 14X HGH releaser formula is made from a combination of 15 powerful and highly potent natural ingredients. These ingredients contain powerful compounds that naturally induce the HGH production in your body. Let’s have a look at each one of these ingredients:

  • L-Arginine-520mg. L-Arginine affects many physiological processes in the body, and one of them is increasing the growth hormone levels in your body. In fact, recent studies have demonstrated that resting human growth hormone responses increases with oral ingestion of 5-9g of arginine. It therefore contributes to increased fat loss, increased muscle mass, improved performance during workouts, and also enhancing male fertility. L-arginine has also been found to promote faster healing, boosting the immune system, fighting cancer, and many other benefits. That’s why it was included in the HyperGH 14X testosterone supplements as a primary ingredient.
  • L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is another key ingredient in the HyperGH 14X formula. It’s an essential amino acid that is needed by your body in large amounts and plays important roles such as boosting your metabolism, encouraging muscle growth, maintenance of muscles, increasing body energy levels, promoting cell growth and division, and more. Numerous studies have also demonstrated that L-Glutamine promotes good digestive health, reduces cholesterol levels in the body, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and reduces instances of arthritis.
  • L-Glycine. L-Glycine is a key stimulatory agent in HyperGH 14X that stimulates your pituitary gland to secrete the growth hormone. It has been found to promote good prostate health and has a calming effect on the brain.
  • L-Tyrosine. L-Tyrosine is used by the thyroid gland to manufacturer thyroxine, an important hormone that has been found to boost metabolism, regulate growth, reduce fatigue, increase energy levels, and lower depression, and regulate growth.
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract. Tribulus Terrestris is a well-known natural remedy that has been used for decades to treat male infertility and sexual dysfunction. Studies have also found that it increases the level of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a substance that can greatly boost your sex drive.
  • GABA. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid or GABA is a highly powerful and potent amino acid that triggers the production of human growth hormone.
  • Astragalus Root Extract. Astragalus Root Extract has for decades been used to boostbody metabolism, improve digestion, promote faster healing, and strengthen yourimmune system. It also helps to reduce fatigue, sweating, and improve thefunction of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and adrenal glands.
  • Colostrum. Colostrum is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals and contains IGF-1 which is thought to be responsible for the anti-aging effects of HGH. It helps increase bone and lean muscle mass, decrease aging, boost your immunity, and accelerate healing.
  • Deer Antler Velvet. Deer Antler Velvet is a rich source of collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Your body utilizes glucosamine to produce glycosaminoglycans which are found in cartilage tissue.
  • Pituitary Powder. The pituitary powder stimulates the pituitary gland to increase the production of HGH and to enable the gland to operate more effectively.
  • L-Valine. L-Valine is a branched-chain amino acid that is found in high concentrations in the muscles. Your body cannot manufacture the amino acid and must therefore be acquired through food or dietary supplements. The HyperGH 14X sport nutrition contains L-Valine which works to boost your metabolism, maintain proper nitrogen balance in your body, and help repair and encourage tissue growth.
  • Phosphatidyl Choline. Phosphatidyl Choline facilitates the absorption of nutrients in the body and also emulsifies and breaks down fat deposits, helping you reduce body fat.
  • GTF Chromium. GTF Chromium helps maintain low glucose levels in the body by enhancing insulin activity. When your glucose levels are low, the production of human growth hormone is increased.

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How to Use HyperGH 14X

You are supposed to take four capsules of the HyperGH 14X HGH supplement every day; two in the morning and two during the night, before retiring to bed. There is also the spray supplement that you should spray twice per day; once in the morning after workout and once during the night before going to bed.

As you can see, all HyperGH supplements are easy to use- no needles or painful injections.

HyperGH 14X Side Effects

Most people who have used the HyperGH 14X fitness nutrition have not reported any side-effects. Unless you have an existing medical condition or take an overdose, you will be absolutely fine.

HyperGH 14X Pros

  • Contains all-natural ingredients which work effectively to increase the human growth
    hormone in your body
  • It’s safe to use- does not contain any harmful ingredients
  • 100% legal growth hormone boosting supplement
  • Accelerates fat burning- strips away soft body fat to reveal cute abs
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases strength, stamina, and endurance
  • Improves performance during workouts
  • Has no known side-effects
  • Promotes faster muscle recovery after workouts
  • Transforms your body into an incredible body physique
  • Improves cognitive function and mental focus
  • Boost your libido
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves genital function
  • Treats male infertility
  • Promotes fast healing
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Improves the function of body organs like the lungs and gastrointestinal tract
  • 60-day risk-free free trial


  • Not all the ingredients contained in this supplement have been proven to produce results
  • Although most users have seen positive results, the supplement may not work for everyone

Does HyperGH 14X Really Work?

The HyperGH 14X is a natural dietary supplement that assists your body to produce the human growth hormone to help you achieve your fitness and bodybuilding goals. It’s made with natural ingredients, most of which have been used effectively for decades.

It’s natural sport nutrition that will boost your bodybuilding efforts and at the same time increase your libido and sex drive and basically promote your overall health.

Where to Buy HyperGH 14X

HyperGH 14X can only be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website. If you happen to find it anywhere else, it’s probably a counterfeit, so steer clear of buying it from other stores. If you would like to build some muscle, lose some fat, and improve your overall health, head over to their official website and place your order.

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Summarizing the Review

To sum up the review, achieving your fitness goals is no joke, which is why you need assistance from supplements like the HyperGH 14X. It’s one of the most sophisticated human growth hormone supplements that will transform your body into something that everyone will desire. And the good news is that you can achieve noticeable results in as few as 6 weeks, which is incredible.

So go ahead and order your HyperGH 14X HGH releaser, metabolism and testosterone booster to completely transform your body physique and improve your overall health. For prices and more information make sure to visit the official HyperGH 14X Website.

As a final note, keep in mind that the best testosterone boosters are designed to provide maximum results in the long run. While you’ll receive the benefits in about a month or two, you’ll get permanent, long-lasting results if you take them in the recommended 3+ month time frame.

HyperGH 14X Overall Rating

HyperGH 14X Overall Rating


9.4 /10


9.3 /10


9.3 /10


9.6 /10


9.6 /10


  • Boosts the metabolism and reduces overall body fat
  • Speeds up recovery time after exercise and strenuous activity
  • Produces noticeable gains in muscle mass
  • Increases energy levels
  • Induces deep and restful sleep


  • Requires use for at least 3 months for best results
  • Available online only


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